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Common Sense.  Sustainable Results.

For us, sustainability goes beyond fleeting trends or mere compliance with laws; it's rooted in common sense and fostering healthy habits across all aspects of our organisation.
Sustainability Report
Common Sense. Sustainable Results.

360° sustainability  approach

360° sustainability 

At Airmaster, we've remained unaffected by CSRD, ESG, or similar reporting demands. Nevertheless, our dedication to sustainable practices endures. Utilizing minimal materials and energy has always defined our ethos—not as part of a grand sustainability strategy, but as inherent common sense at Airmaster.

Our longstanding business practices, though not explicitly labeled as sustainable, have always stemmed from this common-sense approach. Now, we aspire to redefine how we articulate sustainability and our journey toward a more sustainable future. We want to tell our story of logical reasoning and attempts at new challenges

We're committed to advancing sustainable practices throughout every aspect of our organization, spanning our environmental impact, ensuring employee well-being, and guiding our business conduct.

Sanne Laumann
Chief Visionary Officer, Airmaster

Committed to a great future
to a great future

Environmental Commitment

Environmental Commitment

At Airmaster we focus on lowering our impact on the environment. We believe that it is our responsibility as an organization to make sure that our products support the green transition and generations to come.

Currently we are in the process of expanding product-specific EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations) across our entire range. 

We focus on optimizing internal processes by sorting trash, using excess resources and implementing new initiatives to minimize our CO2 emissions.

Great planet for the next generation
Great planet for
the next generation

Social Commitment


At Airmaster it is important that our employees are happy, healthy and safe while doing their jobs. To highlight health during the workday, we encourage exercise and provide insurance and pension, as well as other health benefits. To support a safe workplace, we have a very active health and safety committee that works determined to improve our work environment and safety.

Furthermore, we have policies to ensure fair rights, no harassment, and a safe environment for the employees. Externally we try to help the local community by supporting different, local businesses, events and unions. Airmaster sees it as both a duty and a willingness to educate and train the next generation and keep the current employees educated and working towards a sustainable future.

Happy, healthy and safe employees
Happy, healthy
and safe employees

Governance Commitment

Governance Commitment

At Airmaster it is important for us to secure an accurate and transparent product for economic, diversity and leadership concerns. Therefore, we have policies for anti-corruption and GDPR as well as procedures to follow in the day-to-day as well as in emergency situations. Sustainability is more than green initiatives, it is also a part of our values, KPI’s and leading strategies.

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Learn more about our initiatives

EPDs are more than a declaration

EPDs are more than a declaration

We are currently in the process of expanding product-specific EPDs
(Environmental Product Declarations) across our entire range.

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